Thursday, March 1, 2012


Welcome to Motherhood Handmade.  I've been mulling the idea of this blog around for quite a while, but never knew exactly what I wanted it to be.  While setting my goals for this year, I was prompted to think about what I am most passionate about.  The first was an easy one: my family.  The second took me a while longer to figure out, but I found the answer in a post I'd written on my other blog, when I wrote " I believe in the power of creativity, and that it resides in everyone."  A trip to a museum with my kids had me contemplating how the two combined, and I concluded "As parents, we are the creators of the life our families lead.  It's an awesome opportunity and terrifying responsibility."  

So, why handmade?  The World English Dictionary defines handmade as "made by hand, not by machine, esp with care or craftsmanship."  I think that handmade implies that there is something more special about an object.  It means that the craftsman or woman put their heart into the work.  It means that the piece is one-of-a-kind, and not mass produced.  It means the recipients possess something of intangible value.  As a stay-at-home mom married to a teacher, creativity is the way we can have things we want within our budget.  We do a lot ourselves- and we usually like it.  The more I make, the more passionate I become about the value of something done by hand.   

My goal for Motherhood Handmade is to inspire you to be the creator and craftswoman of your home, and the life your family leads.  I will share crafts, food, and thoughts on motherhood with you each week.  This new space makes me feel full of hope, excitement, and full of the promise of what it can be.  I hope you will join me here often.

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  1. I am new to the blog world! But I have 3 boys 5 years old and 3, and 2 months! Cant wait to see what you wright about! I started my Blog on weight loss! :)


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