Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day Ideas

Earth Day is this weekend, and I love that it comes right as Spring has started to come around the corner here in the Northwest.  Here are a few ways we have been/will be celebrating this weekend: 

We read the story of The Creation and colored in this page from Wild Olive.

We planted herbs in eggshells.  Our basil just started peeking through

We'll be building and Earth Day cake like these in a Pyrex Bowl to give it a domed shape, with Cool Whip clouds.  Hints here for baking in a bowl. 

We made cookie cutters bird feeders, though C didn't really like the seeds sticking to his hands.  At all.   Directions here

There are many more ideas on pinterest, and while these are simple and they're not going to save the earth, they'll create interest in the world around us- and at these ages, I think that's a good place to start.  

Will your family be celebrating Earth Day?  Share ideas here! 

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  1. Every day is Earth Day when you cloth diaper!

    But I love the bird feeder idea. Tell me. Do the squirrels eat them?


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