Thursday, January 3, 2013

Embracing the New Year

Prompted by a question from Aidan a while ago, I looked up the reason that leaves change color in the fall.  It's a visual manifestation of the process in which the chlorophyll returns to the trunk and branches of the tree to help it survive the winter.  Like the trees store up sunlight to use in the long winter months.  The symbolism isn't hard to see that.  We had a hard December, and maybe I didn't have enough stored up sunlight to see me through it.  I'm grateful for family that supports and forgives when I fall short.   I'm grateful for an opportunity to start new.

I love the feeling of New Year's Day.  I've always enjoyed it, but I find that this year, I'm especially glad to heave a sigh of relief, hang the new calendar, and put the last year away.  Maybe it's because we had a December filled with sickness and disappointment, but my wonderful husband took down our 'tree' (a makeshift creation of lights, ribbon, and tomato cages - even tree cutting was out this year) the day after Christmas, and seeing the decorations go didn't make me sad at all.  I was ready for something new.

A new start doesn't have to wait for a new year, but I think it's a great time to create intentions and set goals for the coming year.  I didn't make any real resolutions this year; resolve can fail.  I have chosen a word for the year to embrace and focus on, sort of like a year-long mantra.  My word is steady.  I want to steady my temperament- to work on keeping calm better in frustrating moments when they can't be avoided.  Steadying my efforts toward goals is another direction I'm taking my word in-  Less stops and starts, less going all-in to lose steam all too soon, more slow and steady wins the race.

I like to set goals on a weekly or monthly basis rather than for an entire year, but two things that came to mind when thinking about the new year were to read more, and "less planning, more action."  I want to bring to life some of the ideas I put on Pinterest.   To that end, I've set a goal to read one book a week, and I've started to give myself deadlines for projects I'm working on. Making a steady effort, I think these things will lead to some great things in the coming year.

I hope your January is bringing you good things, and that the goals you want to reach are coming into sight.  I read an article in Artful blogging by the author of Wit and Whistle  that said her blog has helped motivate her to lead a more creative life.  I want to use this space to do the same for me.  I hope you'll come back to read more about it.  I'd love to hear about your hopes and goals for the new year, especially if you have a word you've chosen.  Please share.


  1. That's a great goal, being steady. Right now the word that comes to mind for me is Allow- to allow myself to be happy this year. To allow myself to have joy and live the life I want even at times when things aren't so great.

    I have fallen out of blogging too- and at a time where interesting things have been happening for me. I hope to get back into it too and also to get back into crafting and creating. Moving and working has put a lot of that on hold for the time being. I've been making baby steps back to doing this which is frustrating but hey even baby steps are progress.

    I always enjoy your writing, I'm excited to see more.

  2. I was glad to put 2012 behind me as well. Except I have to toilet train this year and I'm not looking forward to that either. Hmmm.


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