Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Broke Up With Pinterest (but we're still going to be friends.)

I think it was around Christmastime this year when I started to feel disillusioned with Pinterest.  Money was tight, the whole family was sick, and I started to feel resentful when I saw other people's ideas.  So I told Pinterest that I needed some space.  I hadn't been feeling happy with it lately, and I needed some time to figure out what I wanted from our relationship.

Later, reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I started thinking about an idea discussed in a book- participating in life.  Like you probably do, I've enjoyed the amazingly fun and inspiring time-suck that Pinterest can be.  I've gotten some great ideas.  I don't think that Pinterest is a bad idea, but a great resource.  The problem is that I spent so much time being inspired, that I stopped doing.  

So after our break, Pinterest and I sat down for a chat.  "It's not you, it's me," I said.  "I am spending so much time being caught up in your world, that I'm not doing enough to create my own."   I'll admit, it was a little sad.  "I'll miss you, and we can still be friends... but I need to pin less, and create more."  

In that time, I've started using what Pinterest has to offer with more restraint.  It's still my favorite place to search for recipes and tutorials.  I use it almost everyday to save an idea for a future project- but I don't go there to just to hang out anymore.  I told Pinterest that was no good for me. It was discouraging and not a good use of my time.  And Pinterest understands.

Now Instagram and I need to have a Define The Relationship talk soon...

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  1. You are a smart women. Some-days I feel like I need to through my computer out the window. I miss the simple life and for many reasons my self control is terrible. I admire those who have it together. for me it's still a battle. Thank you for your honesty, and inspirations to share. With that said I'm turning off my computer and praying for more motivation to get something done today. I'll start with putting on clothes.


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