Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Selfish (in a good way) crafting

A friend on Instagram and I were talking about January being the month of selfish knitting.  Following the holidays, it's nice to remember what you want to craft for yourself, and give yourself the gift of permission to make something as nice for yourself as you made for others in the last few months.  There are so many things I want to make this year, I hope to make a 'for me' project each month so that I can keep working toward the goals I set.  Burned out on knitting a bit, after working up lots of baby sweaters, a few hats and my boy's vests for Christmas, I really struggled with each new knitting project I'd pick up.  So I put the yarn aside and tackled an embroidery project I'd had my eye on.  I'm so pleased with how it turned out, and it really was a nice break.

Ready to knit again, I joined in a knit-along-group on Ravelry, and am working up a pair of fingerless gloves. I finished one Sunday evening, and hope to have its match finished by the end of the week.  It's exciting to be knitting for myself again.   Up next is a pair of mitts and matching hat commissioned by a friend- and then Aidan has started asking for some gloves.  By that point, they might be finished in June.  

This week, though, I'm taking a break from taking a break from crafting for others, and will be collaborating with a friend on a quilt.  Tomorrow we'll be sewing like mad and hope to have the top pieced by the end of the week.  I've been cutting the pieces this morning, think it's going to be beautiful.

Are you taking a month of selfish (in a good way) crafting this month, or are most of your efforts to be shared?


  1. Does finally turning some of my pants into shorts (because of holes in the knees) count as selfish?

    1. I think that counts as resourceful.

  2. I hear ya. A lot of the things I've made have been given away as gifts which is fine and dandy but it's ok to do things for ourselves too. It's easy to forget that we matter too and it's ok to express ourselves in the things we make. Right now my "selfish" craft time is being spent setting up and organizing a studio space- and then I hope to find a balance between making things for me and making things for others.

    I like how the embroidery turned out!

  3. Yes, I really feel that January is the time to reorient the world around me again and craft for myself. Like, what you bums thought I was here to be your kitchen slave? No, my only real job is to sew. (I know joking doesn't translate well on the internet, but I can't stop myself from trying; I am glad to finally work on my own projects again).


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