Monday, March 4, 2013

Where Things go to Disappear in Plain Sight

My husband installed a kitchen counter and tile back splash over his week vacation from school.  We bought our home during a time when there was an incentive for first time home buyers, and we received a sizeable bonus.  With it, he installed bamboo floors and cabinets, but we were short the money for the counters, so we'd had melamine board in place for three and a half years.  This addition has done a lot for the kitchen.  I joked with Chris, after all was said and done "hold on now, this looks like a grown-up's kitchen."   The corner in the picture was sort of the black hole of our kitchen, what is referred to on a home organization blog I subscribe to, as the invisible corner.  It was where things went to disappear.  All our CD's, miscellaneous parts, rocks and baubles the kids would bring in.  Once it was cleared, we moved over our cookie jars (not one of them has ever housed cookies, I think), to hold the place clean, and keep it from becoming the black hole of the kitchen once again.  Since the installation, we have been working hard at keeping the counters clean, to prevent any more black holes like that.

Similarly, I recently changed up what service I used to subscribe to blogs, leaving about half of what I was reading behind as I did so,  and as I wrote earlier this year, broke up with Pinterest.  For a while, it was doing really well with that, finding less time at the computer meant more time with my kids and more productivity.  Unfortuntely, with nothing to hold the place of that time I opened up, bad habit have crept back in.  To the point that as we drove home from Aidan's school, detailing "first Aidan does homework, then I make snack, you guys can go in the playroom..." and Colin piped up "... and you'll sit in the 'puter chair!"

Well, yeah.  Thanks for calling me out, kid.

This week, I'm working on clearing out that space again, and filling it in with something concrete, to set something in that place to remind me not to disappear in plain sight of my kids and husband. I'm writing things to do with my kids on the calendar- so that they are as clear a priority as any other appointment. The time I'm trying to open up for them will pass anyway.  It's my choice what I do with it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

March: Goals

Last month, I took the course "I Choose" from Big Picture Classes.  I really enjoyed it, and I think it has some good information in it on how to keep motivated, and balance goals in all aspects of life.  I liked that a lot. I also love that the instructor (whose blog I love) encourages the phrase "I choose."  I think it elevates the things to a little above a to-do list.

So, following through on my intention to use this goal as a motivator, and a means to document my goals, I give you the things I choose to accomplish this March.  I'll keep you posted.  Right now, I have a book I need to dive into.