Friday, April 19, 2013

2nd Annual Kid-Free Getaway


Last year's trip to Port Townsend was our first overnight away since having kids.  The place we stayed was not great, and we only stayed for one night, but we got a chance to reconnect with each  other and relax away from the boys.  We both felt like we came back better than we left, and that one night was just not quite enough. For this year's trip, we stayed in Long Beach at Adrift Hotel (I recommend a stay there, especially if you can get the Groupon.  They come up often).  The pictures tell most of the story, but we did a lot 

We biked the discovery trail through Cape Disappointment State Park.  
We visited Astoria and saw the Goonies House and the school from Kindergarten Cop.  
We laid around and read a lot. 
We talked about the kids, but not too much. 
We took a lot of pictures on cold beaches and ate food that wasn't good for us.  
We laughed at stupid girls who wore booty shorts on northwest beaches in April. 
We woke up without the instant demand of "Milk! Food!  Diego!"  
We remembered what it is like to be just the two of us. 
We held conversations without interruptions.  
We played music that we don't listen to with the kids around.  
We watched a sunset together, we stopped because we saw interesting animals. 
We found out that after two days, we miss our boys and feel ready to come home. 
We discovered that two hours after being home, we'd be ready to leave again. 

We're still ready to go back, in a lot of ways, but in the week since, Aidan has started at his new school, and Chris is back to work.  A new routine in has started, and it feels good, refreshed.  We appreciate each other and the boys more when we come back.  We're already counting down until the next time.

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