Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Days that are More Sweet than Stinky

Colin is  not a child that is really only affectionate or sweet (unless he's sick), but blends his affection and sweetness with mischief and teasing.   I wouldn't have it any other way.   Today, he crept his fingers along the table toward my bowl of cereal, giggling as he got closer and tried to grab the spoon.  When that didn't work, he ran to the bin of dinosaurs and brought me back a pteranodon.  "Please let's trade, Mommy,"  he began with a smile, than sang "You can have my dinosaur!"  We shared the rest of my cereal, and I returned the dinosaur to him when we were done.    

Yesterday between the two of us was not ideal. My Facebook status at lunchtime read  "Pardon the phrasing.... Colin decided to strip naked in his play tent and literally have a pissing match with his animal toys. He won. He's napping." With the changes at Aidan's school, he has struggled to see where his place is, and then re-find it as the school situation resolved.  He simultaneously misses his brother, and enjoys the attention that comes from being the only child at home.  It's a lot of feelings to manage in a little body.  

So today when he finds me doing laundry, in the kitchen, and grabs my hand, demanding a hug, a kiss, a pick up, or a twirl around, I'm gladly obliging.  Days where the sweet outweighs the stinky don't come around often.  That's the nature of being two, I guess, Then when he runs over and shouts at the top of his voice "GIMME SOME SUGAR," then kisses my face and hugs me to near strangulation,  I'll just assume he means "Sorry that I'm a punk, but I know you'll love me even if I am."  

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