Friday, April 12, 2013

Thoughts After a Getaway

Chris and I took a few days this week to escape to Long Beach, just the two of us.  Last year we took our first trip away, just the two of us, and realized how much we needed it. We come back better parents, more patient, and more connected to each other.  The weeks leading up to the trip brought us a number of different stresses, which managed to resolve before we got to the beach, or seemed to disappear, at least temporarily.

The time away gave me some time to think, and I want to put my conclusions down before I really lose them.  So, if you'll bear with me, I'll share them.

1- Hunger needs to have a place in my life.  Related, when I have enough peace around me to pay attention to how the things I am eating make me feel, I realize that I feel like crap.  I need to be more conscious of what I put in my stomach, and when I do it.

2- I married the best person for me.  I know this, but sometimes it's a fact that gets covered up by the mess that is life.  I love that he's my best friend, an awesome partner, and that even after being together more than ten years, he'll still stop to suck face with me in the middle of a forest path.  Too much?  Not sorry.

3- I need more:  time on the floor playing, cuddles, reading,  making, walking, being outside, taking pictures, writing our stories, and  quiet time with my thoughts.

4-  I need less: Internet, negative self-talk, comparison, non-food edibles, apologizing, focusing on the negative, procrastinating what I know is good for me.

5- Fixing hair and putting on makeup takes less time than I thought and should be done more often.

6- I miss writing, sharing, and creating.

And that's the result of two days away, and a few days of waking up without the instant demand for a sippy cup in my face. Clearing my head for a while  Pictures and details of the trip to come.

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  1. I liked your thoughts, I think we all can relate. We all need to take better care of ourselves and create more.


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