Friday, May 24, 2013

What I Read: Jan-April.

Our library shelf at home.   

At the start of the year, I set a goal to read 52 books by the end- one per week.  I had intentions for monthly updates, but as you know, I'm super great at regular posting here lately.   If you're on Goodreads, you can follow me here.   And if you get through this novel of a post, I feel like you deserve a prize. 


Steady Days:  This is one of my go-to parenting books.  Its idea of maintaining rhythm and consistency in parenting is a goal of mine.  I like to check in with it when I'm feeling frazzled. 

The Great Gatsby:  With the movie coming, I wanted to read the book first.  I didn't find a single character likable (except for MAYBE Gatsby's father), and it made me angry that Christina Hendricks wasn't cast as Myrtle Wilson.  I really didn't enjoy it. Just not my thing.


Warhorse:  A favorite.  I cry every time.  We went to see the play, and I wanted to re-read it. Easy read, beautiful story.  I tried reading this to Aidan, but it's not really age appropriate and I kept crying, so we switched to Dinosaur Cove instead. 

Farm Boy:  I was excited to hear there was a sequel to Warhorse.  I was sorely disappointed in it.  Not worth the time, pass on this one. 

Wake: An interesting take on supernatural YA lit, as I hadn't seen the sirens thing done before.  It wasn't bad, but didn't inspire me to read the rest of the series.  I might later.

Mark of Athena:  I know I'm not the only adult who nerds out over the Percy Jackson books.  They're great.  I can't wait until Aidan is old enough for me to read them to him. 

Perks of Being a Wallflower:   I have some very mixed feelings about this book.  It is incredibly well written.  It made me really sad, and while I felt compelled to read it and finish it, I didn't enjoy it.


This Cake if For the Party:  Much like with Perks, I know that this was well written, but I didn't really enjoy it.  To be fair, I don't usually enjoy short story collections.  I like to start a relationship with my book. 

Wonder:  I loved this book.  Seriously, please go read it.  It is so good, and very meaningful.  One of my favorites this year.  I kept reading parts of it to Chris, but finally had to stop, because as soon as I finished, I handed it to him and said "You should just read it."  Then I told every other member of my family to read it.   Fast read that will make you feel a lot of things.  

Dinner:  A Love Story : Memoirs are my favorite.  Food memoirs with recipes are even better.  I love how this book is part parenting, part memoir, and part cookbook.  Recommended.


Remarkable Creatures:  Given that I have a budding paleontologist at home, this was a fun read.  I took this on our beach trip and really enjoyed it.  It's a peaceful read, but never boring. 

Gold:  An intense read.  Good plot twists and character depth.  I enjoyed it, but language warning if you're sensitive to it.

The Silver Linings Playbook:  Another favorite.  Also intense, also language warning, but this is an excellent book.  

Size 12 and Ready to Rock:  Because sometimes, like how we eat, you can enjoy books that are like candy.  Not good for you, but okay in moderation.  This series is like that. 

The Tragedy Paper:  YA lit, interesting story.  Worth a look, but not one I'm super passionate about. 

I'll try to make this a monthly thing now that I'm caught up, so you don't have to spend your whole afternoon reading it.  And if you're still with me- high five! 

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