Wednesday, July 10, 2013

52 projects: Knitting

Knitting has taken a bit of a back seat to other projects since this winter.  I have a sweater cast on right now that I can carry with me and leisurely work on this summer, but am in no rush.  I finished  four projects, but only got pictures of three. 

These mitts (Zombie Vixen on Ravelry) were part of an instagram knit-along. Learning to work the cables on these was an experience, but I really like them and am happy with how they turned out. 

A friend commissioned this set from me.  I love the way the flecks look like hearts, and I love the vintage buttons on the cuffs.  One of my favorite projects. 

I did another knit along, this time with slippers- when I bound them off, they made a little heart.  I made a second pair for Aidan, but didn't take any more pictures.  Honestly, they're as warm as can be, but they're not very interesting to look at.

Tomorrow:  Sewing!  Yay!

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